Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wild Animals in the 7th Grade!

7th graders just finished their animal collages. They could choose any animal and had to put them into a believable habitat. These turned out really nice!
The 7th graders learned about creating a room in correct 1 point perspective. I just loved the way this one turned out! She picked a theme and really stuck to it! Nice job Paige!

2 Point Perspective

The 8th graders just learned about creating work using two vanishing points (known as 2 point perspective). The students can choose to create a city, a birdhouse community, or 3-D letters. We then watercolor them. Here are some of the results.
The Van Wert City Schools art department at the middle school and high school level have long felt that drawing is fundamental. Without a strong foundation in drawing, students really struggle to become successful in high school art classes. With that in mind, all middle school art classes start the trimester drawing still-lifes. I typically set up about 4 throughout the classroom and as long as the students can handle it, I let them choose which ones they draw and where they sit. This trimester I decided to set up some still-lifes that I haven't done before. Here are some of the results.