Friday, May 28, 2010

1st Place

Natasha doesn't like working with watercolors but you certainly wouldn't know it by looking at this beautiful painting! Great job Natasha!

2nd Place

Scratch Art can be a tricky thing to master, but Julian did a great job with this and was awarded 2nd place in the Art Show!

3rd Place

Nick worked so hard on this beautiful still-life drawing. His goal was to give it to his brother for Christmas...Jake might have to wait until it gets back from several art shows!

4th Place

Nice job Peyton with your city painting! Your city looks like a fun place to be!

Honorable Mention

These students were all awarded "Honorable Mention" for their beautiful works of art! Nice job ladies!

8th Gr. Principal's Award

Nice job Daniel! Mr. Bagley chose this as his favorite work from the 8th grade...he said he thought you looked scary!

7th Gr. Principal's Award

Becky created Mr. Bagley's favorite work from the 7th grade. Nice job Becky!

6th Grade Principal's Award

This is Mr. Bagley's favorite 6th grade work of art. Way to go Nick!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Art Show

The annual Van Wert Middle School Art Show was held on May 20th. Here are some pictures of the show.

2 Pt. Perspective Words

All Independent Study students started off with the same project. They task was to choose a word with meaning to them and write it in 2 point perspective. These are the fabulous results!

Independent Artists

My Independent Study students have been working so hard this year. On a daily basis, I am blown away by their talent! I thought you might enjoy checking out some of the art they have been creating!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Landscape Collages

The 6th graders just finished a collage project with landscape pictures. We looked at the artwork by Mischa Epstein Alvarado and then each child chose the picture that most inspired them. These were a real treat!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Artsy Travels

I've learned that I'm a bit of a dork...for art! I always keep my camera with me, thus making it easy for me to take quick pics of fabulous artwork wherever I may be (I think this annoys my hubby). I've posted a few shots of just random art that I found of interest during my travels....Enjoy!

1 Point Perspective

The 7th graders learned about one point perspective by drawing a room. The requirements were very basic, thus allowing them to get really creative. One of the most important requirements is that it had to say something about them.