Friday, May 31, 2013

7th Graders Are Wild!!

I had such a creative class of 7th graders last trimester. They did some really cool things with their collaged animals--I just had to share these fun little guys!

Dale Chihuly

My students will tell you....I'm obsessed with Dale Chihuly! Every time I make an example for an art history project I choose Chihuly. My Art Appreciation class sees Dale Chihuly Animotos, Prezi's, and Flipbooks. The 6th graders see a Dale Chihuly Facebook page and watch a movie showing his team blowing glass. I just love the eye-candy that comes out of his hot shop and enjoy sharing it my students. Here are a few examples of his work that was on display at the Toledo Museum of Art at my last visit.

A "Cool" Glass Demo

While at the Toledo Museum of Art we sat through a glass demonstrations. Each time I see someone work with glass it gets cooler and cooler and each time I learn something new. As a teacher, I would love to share this with students and most of you are thinking, "Just take a field trip"....not as easy as it sounds. Anyhow, here are some pics of a glass demo from Toledo (The Glass Capital of the World).