Thursday, March 14, 2013

Landscape Collages

Recently, the 6th graders and I looked at work by an artist named Mischa Epstein. We spent most of our time looking at her work with landscapes. The kids each chose a picture from my stash of what used to be calendars. From there, they decided what was most important in their photo and what they wanted to get rid of. I tried to encourage them to use a large variety of materials on their own collages and when we looked at Mischa's work, we discussed the many different methods and materials that she used in her work. Posted here are some projects by the kids that turned out very good!

Toledo Museum of Art

I have a husband that doesn't really find the value in art that I do. However, on special occasions I can get him into an Art Museum. In our family, you get to do your favorite things on your birthday. Therefore, on my birthday, my hubby took me to the Toledo Museum of Art. Very few people know that Toldeo is the "Glass Capital of the World" and it is seen in their museum. While there, we saw some great works of art and even watched a glass blowing deomonstration. It was really cool and here are some pictures of, "My Day"

Friday, March 1, 2013

Art History Research

I'm one of those art teachers that feels it is really important to teach art history. The 6th graders spent 2 days this trimester researching an artist they chose. Then, they wirte a paragraph about what they learned about that artist. Next, they create a reproduction based on a work of art done by that artist and we hang them in the hallway with an example of the artist's original work. The students really gain an appreciation for all that goes into a masterpiece. Plus, its really fun to hear them telling each other about things they learned about their artist as they are all working on their projects. Here are a few of them as they hang in the hallway!

Creative Color Wheels

Each trimester I challenge my 7th graders with coming up with a creative way of creating a color wheel. The tough part is that they can use ANYTHING! The entire first day we spent on the computers, looking up some ideas that others from around the world had created. The vastness of ideas was simply amazing! Here are some of the color wheel my students created for this assignment.