Friday, March 1, 2013

Art History Research

I'm one of those art teachers that feels it is really important to teach art history. The 6th graders spent 2 days this trimester researching an artist they chose. Then, they wirte a paragraph about what they learned about that artist. Next, they create a reproduction based on a work of art done by that artist and we hang them in the hallway with an example of the artist's original work. The students really gain an appreciation for all that goes into a masterpiece. Plus, its really fun to hear them telling each other about things they learned about their artist as they are all working on their projects. Here are a few of them as they hang in the hallway!


  1. your 6th graders did those?! WOW they did a amazing job. Do you let me research online or do you use books? I really need to start doing this with my middle school students

  2. We spent 2 days in the Media center doing online research.