Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Color Wheels

Thanks to Pinterest (my newest obsession) I have been seeing color wheels everywhere. So, I gave my 7th graders the challenge of creating a color wheel. They were required to show all 12 colors, show all colors in the correct order, and were told they could use anything! We spent the first day of the project painting a color wheel. Day 2 was spent in the computer lab, "Becoming inspired". Shown are a few pictures of my little artists creating their color wheels. Some of the kids are doing the neatest projects!!

Cole is working on a pilow, Evan is melting crayons (with my embosser), Allie is doing a collage of candy, Alexis has drawing the characters she's famous for and is coloring them with colored pencils, and Alaina is embroidering her's. Great job! I can't wait to post the final projects!!

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