Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Strike a Post; Make a Gesture!

What middle school student doesn't hate drawing people (okay, I do have one, but he's the only one in my 11 years of teaching)? When I introduce this project and tell the kids I'm going to teach them how to draw people, there is actually a collective moan throughout the room. Then I let a kid stand on my desk while I demonstrate a gesture on the board. Usually they remain nervous about it until they start sketching their own and they see how fun it is. After practicing several times I have them pair up and they take turns modeling and drawing. The energy in the room this year was so cool! The kids really seemed to like the project and when I saw them in the school they would ask, "Do we get to draw people again today!?!?" I've posted a few that are also hanging in our hallway.

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