Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wild Animals

I'm always looking for inspiration....lately my source has been fellow art teach blogs and my son. That's where this project came from! I was struggling to get my students to, "think large", so I used this project as one way to work on that. The kids all chose an animal and put it in an environment that "made sense". We looked at Henri Rouseau for inspiration for this. Then, as they were working I kept encouraging them to make their animals larger and larger until they were almost half the size of their project. I also encourage them to not feel restrained to the paper. The project was a collage with just about everything I had in my cupboards. We even spent some time experimenting with different ways we could manipulate the papers. The results were kinda cool! When I'm done with them, I think the 7th grade teachers are going to use them for a bulletin board themed, "7th Graders Are Like A Wild Animal..." (they will then list reasons they are similar).

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